5 Tips To Make A Successful Career In Data Analytics Industry

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By 2020, the global revenue for big data and business analytics will cross the $203 billion mark. In India, the industry is expected to witness eight-fold growth, reaching $16 billion by 2025.

These numbers alone are sufficient to gleam-up young students and working professional to take up analytics as their ultimate career path.

Want to walk down the same path?

Yes, things promise to be quite bright ahead with unparalleled opportunities and high-paying jobs, all lined up for the right candidate. But this is only possible if you know how to pull the strings correctly.

Here are 5 tips to make successful career in the data and business analytics industry:

1. Be Very Clear in Your Career Goals

Yes, you want to make a career in analytics. But that's a rather vague approach. To know which is the right direction, you must know where you want to go in the first place. So be very clear about your goals. The industry has many sub-niches, pick the right one that interests you.

2. Go With an Academy That Assures Job

We're living in a time when even the most qualified candidates are without job. So go with an academy that not only packs an exceptional team of faculty and learning facility but also guarantees placement. Settle for no less than 100% Job Guarantee. 

3. Choose a Good Business Analytics Certificate Program

Top business academies offer many types of certifications and advanced diploma in business management. Depending on the criteria, eligibility and your personal interest, choose wisely.

4. Find a Mentor and Role Model for Yourself

If you're trying to climb a mountain, it's always a good idea to lookup to someone who has already done that for extra guidance. So find a nice mentor who you can model to move ahead in your career. She/he could be anyone, from a renowned name in the industry to your professor.

5. Understand that Experience ALWAYS Beat Qualification

Just because you have the required qualifications doesn't mean you're going to reach the pinnacle overnight. It's going to take some time and patience. To be a leader in the industry, you're going to have burn countless midnight oils and gain significant experience.

These are 5 tips for all looking to make a successful career in data and business analytics industry.

The climb isn't easy. But the effort is very well worth the pain.


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